Important Information before using the promo code.

  • Have your credit card ready
  • The purchasing process must be completed at once otherwise the code becomes invalid.
  • The promo code is valid 1 month before the departure date.        
  • Please use only the following link for purchasing a ticket:
  • The promo code must be entered first in order for the correct ticket to appear.
  • Brief instruction

Questions & Answers

  • Do you recommend ordering the train tickets beforehand or can they be purchased at the train station?
    The promo code can only be used online. Thus, we recommend purchasing tickets online beforehand.
  • Is the promo code valid for more than one person?
    You receive a promo code for each person that is only valid for one person and once. Please contact Davos Congress to obtain promo codes for your companions.
  • I have completed the purchasing process including payment but have not received any conformation?
    Please contact Davos Congress.
  • How can I use the promo code?
  • Why is the promo code not valid?
    The promo code might have expired. We are happy to send you a new promo code. Please note that the promo code can only be used once and becomes invalid after.
  • Because of a technical error on the website, I was not able to purchase the ticket and no it’s „sold out“?
    Please contact Davos Congress and you will receive a new promo code.
  • Why is there no discount showing?
    The discount is only visible shortly before the payment process.
  • Can I reserve a seat? If so, where and how?
    Seats can be reserved at an extra charge of CHF 5.00: Please be aware that seat reservation services are not available for all trains, only the ones featuring „R“
  • Why can the destination station not be changed, it is always Davos Platz?
    The final destination for all congress participants is Davos Platz and cannot be changed. If required, you are free to get off the train in Davos Dorf.
  • I would like to buy 2 tickets. Can I do so in one step?
    Because you feature two different promo codes, you must purchase the tickets separately.
  • I am not able to select the required travel date, why?
    The promo code is valid 1 month before the travel date.
  • Is the train ticket valid all day or only at certain times?
    The train ticket is valid all day. No specific times can be selected.