Davos - Congress city with a long tradition

Davos has a long-established tradition as a congress, research and clinic resort. The health resort of earlier days has developed into the Davos research centre. The knowledge accumulated here – primarily in the fields of natural science and medicine – has been passed on in courses since the beginning of the 20th century.

The advanced training courses in medicine have always been extremely popular and in 1969 led to the construction of the Congress Centre Davos, which was opened on 29 November 1969. Davos has become known as a congress venue principally because of the World Economic Forum (WEF – formerly the Management Symposium), which has been held here at the end of every January since 1971. Davos progressively developed into an internationally known and acclaimed congress location and so the Congress Centre was extended in 1979, after only 10 years. This extension also proved insufficient to cope with the increasing number of participants and the centre was extended again in 1989.

The success of all these congresses and the requirements of organizers in terms of congress facilities created an evermore urgent need for a third extension. Following a study on the necessity of an extension, a project competition was published in November 2007 and won in July 2008 by architect Heinrich Degelo,  from Basel. On 8 February 2009, the Davos electorate clearly approved a building credit of 37.8 millionfrancs. The first sod was cut on 1 April 2009, marking the start of building work. The extended Congress Centre Davos was officially inaugurated on 12 November 2010 after a construction period of only 20 months. The first event, the Anniversary Congress of the Swiss Association of Medical Practice Assistants will take place on 26 November 2010.

Guidelines & Code

Davos fulfils all the basic conditions for medical congresses in Switzerland in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Code of conduct of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry (Pharma Code)
  • FASMED Code of Business Conduct (for medical technology companies)
  • Guidelines of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences SAMW (Cooperation between medical profession and industry)